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APA Nano United Technology

APA United Nano Technology Co.,LTD is built up based on joint venture capital between Thailand and Vietnam; we are proud to be a leading business in outstanding technology and remarkable improvement in Veterinary Medicine industry of Vietnam in particular and of Asia generally. With enthusiasm and unremitting efforts, we have been researching and combining with the most excellent innovative veterinary solutions from Thailand and Vietnam to launch products that achieved world-class standards, which creates APA’s brand and prestige in domestic and international market.

Understanding the importance of technology in enhancing and improving product quality, we has been invested to build APA Veterinary Medicine Factory complying with GMP – WHO issued by DAH & Ministry of Health. APA Factory has been well equipped with an excellent & modern line of laboratory followed GLP – WHO; repository system followed GSP – WHO; advanced system of equipment & machinery to optimize production; and high experience, professional consultants and staffs from Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, all production processes are strictly tested by quality assurance team and tight controlling systems to ensure quality standard of all products. APA affirmed our faith in the quality of products and services that we offer.

In the context that domestic and abroad Veterinary Medicine markets have been potentially developing, APA confident that our innovative products and services will contribute a great part to the success of all clients. Highly understanding that Quality & Improvement are extremely important factors to the success of every single business, APA strives to research and create extra advanced products that will help to solve optimally the practical challenges of our clients. With the motto “Real Value – Real Success”, APA deserves to be a trusted partner to corporate with and develop together.

To be the leader in providing innovative products for animal health industry.

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