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Birsen Kimya

Birsen Kimya Sanayi Ltd ┼×ti was established to provide feed, feed additives, chemicals and equipment to the livestock sector. Our goal is to meet the needs of poultry and livestock breeders at the best quality and optimum price level, To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by supplying from domestic or abroad. In the livestock sector, especially in the field of nutrition, the necessary technical knowledge and quality products are required for transferring new developments to our customers and for maximum production performance. We have made it our mission to supply. The convenience and profitability provided by our products to the users will have attracted the attention of sectoral companies abroad, which will increase the demand for exports has allowed. As Birsen Kimya, our products comply with world standards, are quality certified, and meet food standards in economic feed formulation (Least cost formulation) service. It has an experienced technical staff with up-to-date knowledge.
Focused on foreseeing and meeting the needs of society by using the resources in the most efficient way; with superior service and product quality, have a brand image; fulfilling its responsibilities towards society, employees and nature; reputable; pioneer in many subjects; reputable; To be a universal, corporate company that can contribute to the welfare and development of humanity

To be the leader in providing innovative products for animal health industry.

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